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Private Detective

If you want to a hire a private detective in Spain, it is good to know right off that this profession is recognised and regulated by Law 5/2014 on Private Security and its Regulations.

The relevance of the reports, evidence and testimonies of private detectives is also recognised in Law 1/2000 of 7 January on Civil Procedure.

This legal framework protects our field because it lets us fight against quacks and raise the respect and recognition of our work. However, this legal framework also protects those who wish to hire our services, because they can do so with a full guarantee that they are contracting trained and skilled professionals and that the results will be valid and binding at a judicial level.


Any person or company can hire the investigation services of a private detective, who are licensed to:

Requirements and training

To work as a private detective in Spain, the corresponding license must be obtained that is issued by the Directorate General of the Police. In parallel, in order to be issued this license by the Directorate General of the Police, one must prove that specific requirements have been met, where a university education merits mention (Diploma in Private Investigation from a criminology institute and other official schools that are recognised by the Ministry of the Interior). Furthermore, in Catalonia one must be affiliated in order to work in this field.

With respect to foreign professionals, bear in mind that even if their private detective qualifications are issued in another state, they must be accredited by the Ministry of the Interior in order to work in Spain. This entails proving that they hold equivalent knowledge, training and skills to what is required here to exercise their profession, as well as sufficient knowledge of Spanish, among other requirements.

Central University of Barcelona. Copyright.


Despite appearing excessive, this legal protection means:

  1. That in practice, the Spanish private detectives are one of the most highly-valued groups in the EU.
  2. That reports issued by private detectives in Spain are held in great esteem in court and trials.


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