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Work methodology

The foundation of all of our actions is the scrupulous maintenance of the following work methodology:
  1. Free consultations and drawing up of estimates.
  2. Individual planning of each case and implementation of an action plan.
  3. Keeping the client constantly informed.
  4. Thorough and detailed report on results with a graphic and/or documentary appendix of the evidence obtained.

Services for companies

1. Human Resources

2. Security systems

3. Industrial property

4. Solvency reports

5. Services for mutual insurance agencies and insurers

6. Specific services

Services for individuals

1. Prevention reports

2. Breach of marriage contracts

3. Activities of adolescents

4. Location services

5. Urban leases

6. Suspicions about baby-sitters and other domestic services

7. Mobbing in the workplace

8. Inheritances

9. Any other specific case that you may have

International Division

We are specialists in performing investigations outside of Spain. Our team includes members who speak German, French and English. This circumstance allows us to break down language barriers and have the best contacts available at the principal private detective associations around the world.

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