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Our origins

Alexis Feilen was born in the French-German border in 1951 but he was living for more than 40 years in Spain (he owned dual nationality: French and Spanish). These personal circumstances allowed him to enjoy a wide ability multilingual domain: German (as mother language), French (as the language of my country) and Spanish and Catalan (languages of my adopted country). Moreover, his academic and professional career had allowed him to enjoy a good command of English.

As indicated above, for more than 40 years he living in Spain. He developed HIS career as a Private Investigator in this country, so he had to abide by current legislation (the private detective profession in Spain is recognized and regulated by the Law 23/92 on Private Security and deployment of its corresponding regulation, which gives control of our functions to the Ministry of Interior, through the General Directorate of Police). Within this legal framework, he had the official card of Detective (license number 1056) and he was a member of the Association of Private Detectives of Catalonia (to practice in Catalonia to be registered is obligated). He was also member by the German professional associations: BID (Bund der Internationale Detektive) and BDD (Bundesverband Deutscher Detektive); and the association from Switzerland: FSDP.

Since his illness and sudden death, our desire is to continue the business that he so lovingly created. We stopped being a professional private detective agency and became a risk consulting firm. Property and commercial managements will be handled by AFeilen Spainrisk consultants directly and the investigations will be subcontracted to legally licensed private detectives.

What motivates us?

We are motivated to put full research services within reach of those individuals and companies that need them, which are based on:

  1. EFFICIENCY. Each case is different and we have excellent resources, using the most suitable ones for each service.
  2. FAIR PRICES. Because our clients do not have to pay for superfluous infrastructure costs that would make the service more expensive without improving it.

What endorses us?

  1. SPANISH LEGISLATION. All the investigation services that we act as intermediaries are subcontracted to legally qualified private detectives. Spain is one of the few countries in the European Union where private investigation is fully regulated. This means that it is one of the best and most highly valued. They are licensed by the Ministry of the Interior, which issues us a professional card through the Directorate General of the Police after accrediting specific. requirements. Furthermore, in Catalonia it is obligatory to be members of a professional affiliation.
  2. EXPERIENCE. When experience starts with a degree and perseverance is a virtue. We are endorsed by experience of more than 35 years providing complete private investigation services both in Spain and internationally. And perseverance to get to the bottom of things in each case with which we are entrusted.

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