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Private detectives close to you

We are a detective agency made up of professional private investigators with over 35 years of experience in the sector. Our business vision is based on personalised service and mutual trust with our clients. We can attend them totally fluently in German, English, French, Spanish and Catalan, which has made it easy for us to personalise this initial communication. The fact that our agency is multilingual has let us expand our business beyond the borders of Catalonia and Spain, and we also work in a large number of EU countries, in North and South America and even Africa.

The diversity of clients, idiosyncrasies and, thus, the nature of the services provided has allowed us to enrich our professional skills and experience and, in parallel, to establish contacts around the world with the very best collaborators.

Alexis Feilen. Owner. About me.

I was born in the French-German border but I’m living for more than 40 years in Spain (I own dual nationality: French and Spanish). These personal circumstances allow me to enjoy a wide ability multilingual domain: German (as mother language), French (as the language of my country) and Spanish and Catalan (languages of my adopted country). Moreover, my academic and professional career has allowed me to enjoy a good command of English.

As indicated above, for more than 40 years living in Spain working as Private Detective. Therefore, I’ve developed my career as a Private Investigator in this country, so I had to abide by current legislation (the private detective profession in Spain is recognized and regulated by the Law 23/92 on Private Security and deployment of its corresponding regulation, which gives control of our functions to the Ministry of Interior, through the General Directorate of Police). Within this legal framework, I have the official card of Detective (license number 1056) and I´m a member of the Association of Private Detectives of Catalonia (to practice in Catalonia to be registered is obligated). I´m also member by the German professional associations: BID (Bund der Internationale Detektive) and BDD (Bundesverband Deutscher Detektive); and the association from Switzerland: FSDP.

We received an honorable mention from the police for our job in June 2012


What motivates us?

We are motivated to put full private research services within reach of those individuals and companies that need them, which are based on:

  1. PROXIMITY. Treating each and every client personally and with respect is one of our priorities. Mutual trust is essential for optimising results. Clients stay in direct contact with our company director from the beginning until the end of the job.
  2. CONFIDENTIALITY. Guaranteed. There are no intermediaries and, therefore, there is no risk of information leaks.
  3. EFFICIENCY. Each case is different and we have excellent resources, using the most suitable ones for each service.
  4. FAIR PRICES. Because our clients do not have to pay for superfluous infrastructure costs that would make the service more expensive without improving it.


What endorses us?

  1. SPANISH LEGISLATION. Spain is one of the few countries in the European Union where private investigation is fully regulated. This means that it is one of the best and most highly valued. We are licensed by the Ministry of the Interior, which issues us a professional card through the Directorate General of the Police after accrediting specific requirements. Furthermore, in Catalonia it is obligatory to be members of a professional affiliation.
  2. EXPERIENCE. When experience starts with a degree and perseverance is a virtue. We are endorsed by experience of more than 35 years providing complete private investigation services both in Spain and internationally. And perseverance to get to the bottom of things in each case with which we are entrusted.


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